Is legit or a scam?

Is legit or a scam?

Is a scam?
Is legit or a scam?

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After hitting a dark end with which turned out to be a scam, desperate online users are now looking for alternative  ways to make money online.

Today’s review is on a website called
Is it legit or a scam? How much can we trust the site? These are some of the questions we are going to answer later in this post.

Cash East Homepage
Cash East Homepage

What is all about? seems to be a website where one can just sign up for an account and get a referral link. He can then share the link on social media sites, blogs and through direct messages.

Anybody who clicks on the link will also join and the cycle continues. However, is a little bit different from other scams like Unlike this site, does not have any tasks to complete. (It’s very easy to earn.)
If anybody clicks on your referral link, you accrue earnings straight away, whether they join or not.

That seems like a good opportunity to earn some cash tirelessly. Right?
Well… to be honest, I am not buying into any of those statements. I have been involved in similar make money online programs in the past, and most of them that promised easy money have mostly turned out to hit the cliff and disappear. I don’t see how is any different.

is casheast for real?
is casheast for real?

To join, the only requirement is internet connection. You don’t even have to provide a valid email address since no confirmation email will be sent in order to set up a new account. Just write your username, choose any random email, create a password and voila! You are good to go, as long as you never forget your password.

How I got to know the site
I received a WhatsApp message from a friend, who thought it was a good opportunity to make money. After all, it was one of the ways listed on the casheast website.

Whatsapp Message for casheast referral

After thorough research, I learned that the site was only registered on the 27-mar-2017 From the United States, by NAMECHEAP INC as the registrar. The site had an Alexa rank of 1,398,437 in the world and 132,495 in India as at 21/06/2017. It is using two name servers;

I decided to create an account and try it for myself since the registration is Free. After all, I was going to lose nothing.
I created an account, and in the next 30 seconds, I received my first 25 dollars. It was impossible to withdraw this money since I had not reached the minimum requirement of $300.

I think something isn’t right here. Looking at how easy it was to earn all that money just by a referral makes me wonder whether this is really legit.
To me, the earning process took less than four hours, since I promoted my referral link on my Facebook page with a total fan reach of more than 100,000k. In the evening I had a total of 101 people visiting the site through my link.

Cashout casheast

Now, some of you will be wondering… so did I get paid? Of course, I accrued earnings amounting to a total of $530.
It was now my time to reap and enjoy my online ‘hard work’. I thought it was just easy to withdraw, using the green link under the bar that shows my total earnings. I clicked on the link.

Did I succeed to transfer the money? Well… the answer is NO! Clicking the link only redirected me to a non-related site full of advertisements and that was the end.

I came to a conclusion that is a scam. Above all they have no terms of service and privacy policy pages. Clicking on the TOS link at the footer lands you on a 404, which is very common in most scam sites.

404 Not found
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  1. I got about 30 whatsapp messages in groups and DM but i didnt join. This is very similar to publiclikes which has been scamming users over the past few months.
    Thanks duke for your informative article.

  2. cASHEAst is the next big scam after and publiclikes. I agree with you. In the past I have wasted all my time only to never get paid for my determination. Google should look for ways to combat sites like these.


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