Don’t be fooled by Hot Logo: It is a SCAM

Don’t be fooled by Hot Logo: It is a SCAM


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In my other post on the top 5 ways to make money online with your blog, I cautioned my readers about online scam sites that emerge everyday and claim to reward their users in different ways. However they don’t fulfill their promise and most of them disappear as soon as they meet their target or after getting a notoriously bad name.

I always keep a close eye on anything to do with making money online, and invest my time analyzing any site that I come across as far as this niche is concerned. Today, I cast my spotlight on hotlogo dot net, a new site that ‘helps visitors make some quick and easy money online’.



About claims to be a website where registrants can earn some quick easy money by just a few clicks. A great advantage of this online “job” is that the membership requirements are very minimal. Here are the requirements;

  1. Internet connection.

As I said earlier, my main interest is to closely analyze any site about making money online. So after  doing my research,  I determined that hotlogo dot net was registered on the 13th of February 2017 from Russsia. I tried to figure out the name of the registrant, but since it was privately registered, my efforts bore no fruit.

How hotlogo dot net works
On their terms of service page, this site states that you can make money every day from them. To be precise, everyone is in a position of making about $5 and above per day. They also give out $5 as a token of appreciation  after  registration and a loyalty bonus of $1 for coming back and logging in everyday. This means that you will earn $1 for just logging in and logging out, daily!


hotlogo bonus

My private investigation
I performed a Google search about the site, but all the results were negative and posted in scam categories or had scam keywords.

Registration on the site is free. After all I was going to earn $5, so I decided to create an account and see it myself.

During the registration process, there were only three things involved,

  1. My name
  2. Email address and
  3. Password and

After about 90seconds, I was on my dashboard and immediately received my first $5.

And as promised I did get my $5 registration bonus immediately after I signed in. The only underside is that I was unable to withdraw my cash since I had not reached the minimum payout of $20.

Available jobs
The dashboard is designed in a very user friendly and appealing interface, so finding available jobs is not hard. This is how to it looks like;


hotlogo jobs

The jobs section has three categories that determine the amount of money you will earn per task as (Easy, Normal, and Hard). The amount of money you earn increases with difficulty of the task and vice versa.

The rule is; Tick a maximum of 4 boxes, click continue and you are good to go. However, I realized something fishy here: – No matter which answer I chose, No matter the difficulty, all the payments were the same. How come? Ask yourself too.

The ease of these tasks sends out a signal. Right? The site is not legit. How can someone really give you money for doing nothing? Of course it’s nothing. Selecting any boxes with your eyes closed and there you earn.

I ‘worked hard’ for two days…but wait. I realized another process to speed up your earnings. It’s through their referral system, and very simple. Just promote this site using your unique referral link, get people to register through that link and you will earn an affiliate commission on every task they complete.

Having been on social media for quite sometime, I had gained a good number of followers and the moment I shared my referral link on Facebook, I had a total of 47 friends join the site through my link.



I managed to reach a total of $77 awaiting withdrawal. I created a Skrill account, linked it to and on the 17th of that month, I requested a payout.



So did I get paid?

Well… the answer is NO!

The payment is still processing until now. So?

I then tried to contact their support team without success.

When I researched online, I found out that many people were also going through the same.

I concluded that is SCAM, and decided to enlighten the world by writing a post about better and legitimate ways of making money online.

Duke Bosire


  1. I wonder if the site owner is taking into account the Google terms of service. Because I can see he is using adsense on the pages


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