Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online with your Blog

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online with your Blog


Previously in my other blog post, I discussed all the 6 easy steps involved in starting a blog. In this post, I will take you through the top 5 proven ways to make money online as a blog owner.

Before I go far, it’s very important to understand that many websites are popping up every day, promising to make some easy money for not only bloggers, but also anybody willing to venture into this wonderful opportunity of making money online. However, these sites end up being scams with others hitting the floor before any payout is made. As an example, you can read this post on How Hot Logo is scamming users online.

Making money online won’t make you rich in a day. Not even a week or a month. It involves faith, vigour, determination and above all, persistence. The end result is usually amazing. 

75% of these methods of making money online require you to invest your time and a bit of money (not much) before you get started.

Make sure you are running a self-hosted site, with a top level custom domain. You can register your domain anywhere, but this time I recommend Bluehost. You can read this post on why I recommend blue host for WordPress hosting.

Register a domain at Bluehost

Content monetization is the most popular when it comes to making money online. It involves practices like displaying ads, whereby a very good example and my first recommendation is;

Google AdSense seems to work perfectly on self-hosted sites. Much of the monetization methods discussed here are for self-hosted sites, so am assuming that before even reading here, you already have your blog up and running on a custom domain. If not, you can read this exclusive post on how to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

AdSense (professionally known as Google AdSense) is a targeted ad placement service that is powered by Google, where publishers can accrue earnings when their site visitors click or view the ads. I even remember writing a comprehensive post here on why I recommend AdSense.

2.Writing reviews
Many at times, before buying a particular product or before hiring a contractor or a designer, people have a tendency of Googling and trying to research online for information regarding the product or person in question.  This is a good opportunity of blog owners for they can be paid to test a product and later write a review about it.

3.Selling your skills
You can get hired to offer talks in workshops and exhibitions. Schools can hire you to share your skills on a particular topic. This will give you some extra cash having advertised yourself and the services you offer on your blog.

4.Selling space
After creating quality content and optimizing your site, you will start receiving huge tonnes of traffic. As a result, individuals and corporates will approach you for permission to place their ads on your pages, which will give you good money as a blog owner. You can set up your terms of service as you wish and adjust your charges to your liking.  You can take advantage of free ad management plugins for WordPress to control and manage advertisement space on your blog.

5.Selling digital media
Digital media here refers to downloadable content. You can create a podcast with WordPress and let your audience pay to listen to your content.  Selling E-books is another great idea. You can write quality and compelling content in any topic of you interest and your readers can pay to download and read. Choose topics relevant to your target audience and the result will always be nice, I promise.

Good luck, and feel free to post your concerns in the comment section below. I will be happy to help.

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