Why You should seek Bluehost for WordPress hosting

Why You should seek Bluehost for WordPress hosting


A few years ago, I thought of creating a self-hosted wordpress site. I had a bunch of reasons for this, but am only going to talk of the most important, making money online from my own blog.

I researched online for quite a long time and went through many articles about how to start a blog.  The most difficult part was choosing a reliable host. After my research I came up with my own conclusion and decided to try Bluehost.

I created my account at Bluehost and uploaded my site, and started monitoring their performance.

Being one of the oldest web hosting providers, Bluehost currently hosts over 2.5 million websites around the globe, and it’s one of the most popular hosts available alongside Hostgator and Godaddy.

I am neither biased nor affiliated with Bluehost in any way. I have even never used their affiliate program. Therefore, all the information contained in this post is exclusively based on my personal experience as a Bluehost customer, having tested their service for more than a year before writing this article.


Their startup fee
Blue host have made a lot of effort to ensure their service is available and affordable to everyone.

Before I had made any money to purchase an expensive hosting package, I started off with their Basic package Special offer for WordPress at $2.95/mo, including my free domain.

Try this offer at $2.95/mo

To be sincere, it’s not the cheapest, but their service is worth it and far much better for a blogger who is starting and anybody who wants to try their service.

Official host recommended by WordPress
WordPress.org have recommended Bluehost as a reliable hosting provider. This means their systems and standards are in line with WordPress requirements, there I do not hesitate to spread the word socially.

Default security options in place
Unlike other hosts, Bluehost have already set some crucial security measures in their system.

Think of receiving 1000 emails in 1 hour at your email address, all from bots. This is not the case at Bluehost, since you can prevent all this spam with Spam Experts or Spam Hammer.

Bluehost supports CloudFlare, which helps filter various visits before they reach your site. This is a very good security measure that helps combat attackers before hitting your site.

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